The best creative tools to use!

Before using our creative tools, we need to be able to think more creatively. The world of creativity and design never stands still. Technology keeps on advancing, standards keep on evolving, and every month there are new things and ideas to try out that can make your life as a designer that little bit better.

Beginning your work with your full interest and attention only to find yourself stuck after the first sentence or step is frustrating, but what’s worse is staring at a blank page for what seems like an eternity, willing ideas to appear from somewhere. For people […]

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How to encourage creativity?

Most people are far more creative than they give themselves credit for. If people are given the time and opportunity to express themselves, the ideas and perceptions they put forward are truly eye-opening, especially if it’s a topic they’re passionate about.

Creativity is the key to achieving anything in your life. Be it starting a business, having a healthy relationship, work management, etc, it plays a vital role in helping you achieve your goals. Without innovation you cannot move forward in this era, you’ll be stuck where you are right now and where your great grandparents were centuries ago.

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Work to live, don’t live to work

When the word work pops into our mind the first thing we think of is an action that adds value to what we are doing, be it economically, environmentally, verbally, or even emotionally. The output generated by our contribution requires authenticity and being perceptive and mindful. So here is my question, how many of us actually enjoy the work they do?

In the 21st century many of us have centered our lives around our work, either it to achieve high levels of pay or aiming for careers as a source of satisfaction, it has taken over our thoughts sometimes even […]

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Ask good questions and get better answers

Asking better questions helps you overcome mental barriers. That’s the trick. Asking smart and the right questions at the right time will relieve you of the extra stress and effort into getting information out of a person.

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first 55 minutes to determine the proper questions to ask. – Albert Einstein

Questions have the ability to redirect our thoughts in an instant. Asking the right questions can change your mindset from limiting to empowering, almost like magic. Social interaction can be tough to […]

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Design Basics: Always carry a notebook

Let’s go back to the time when in order to access information we had to physically go to the library to read and research on dozens of books, when we actually had to think and process our thoughts in order to achieve something. Nowadays, technology has made it so easy and effortless to gain information that our minds have lost the ability to think for itself and come up with new ideas. We have become so dependent on our smart phones that we’ve lost our traditional ways of doing things.

Technology has allowed us to become more organized and efficient […]

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When is creative too creative?

Have you ever thought that you’d be more successful if only you were more creative? Most of us believe that being as creative as possible will yield the best results, but there’s actually lots of evidence to the contrary.

Creativity is an essential quality which is present in all aspects of our lives. It is in our way of thinking, presenting, building, preaching, and even the little daily chores we do at home. If we are not imaginative and innovative with ourselves, life becomes pretty boring doesn’t it? Being creative helps us stay organized and […]

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