Let’s go back to the time when in order to access information we had to physically go to the library to read and research on dozens of books, when we actually had to think and process our thoughts in order to achieve something. Nowadays, technology has made it so easy and effortless to gain information that our minds have lost the ability to think for itself and come up with new ideas. We have become so dependent on our smart phones that we’ve lost our traditional ways of doing things.

Technology has allowed us to become more organized and efficient paperless. It saves cost, space, and is also environmental friendly. However, in order to capture the information that is being created in your own brain, I advocate you to forget all technology. You need a pen and a paper to start gathering bits and pieces of your thoughts that will result into something more meaningful and prosperous. A notebook can become a platform for your imagination. Writing down your thoughts will always allow your brain to think more and come up with new ideas by looking back at what you wrote.

Always carry a notebook

Everything that we consume in our mind can be easily poured out onto paper. It is said that when you write by hand, your brain absorbs information faster. Be it a business idea, a project, art, or even a poem, the most streamlined way to gather your work is by always carrying a notebook so that it is not lost. If you haven’t noticed, ideas don’t always show up to your schedule, so having a notebook by your side makes life easier. Ideas take time to grow and evolve, they need to be nurtured.

Your thoughts are the blueprint

In a recent article Benjamin P. Hardy said the following. “Your thoughts are the blueprint of the life you are building one day at a time. When you learn to channel your thinking — both consciously and subconsciously — you create the conditions that make the achievement of your goals inevitable.”

Most designers or creators abide by the policy of carrying a notebook. Writing down about your day, the people you interact with, your likes and dislikes, all of this builds up into a bigger picture and teaches you to value your thinking process. Revisiting your thoughts becomes easier too.

Die hard notebook carriers will understand this, a phone is simply not the same. Notebooks are an essential tool for the creative soul. How can you create on a phone? Phones are fine for noting brief details such as appointments or for sending messages. But they are not a substitute for pen and paper. If you do any kind of writing or studying, you’ll know that great ideas often occur when you’re away from your computer.

Don’t be discouraged from expressing your thoughts because you think you’re no good. You might be surprised what you can produce. Writing is a free style medium in which you can scribble and jot down points at any given time. It is the best way to be more mindful and organized. Once you start, you’ll notice a change in the way you think and your decisions. The simple act of carrying a notebook can change your life.