Most people are far more creative than they give themselves credit for. If people are given the time and opportunity to express themselves, the ideas and perceptions they put forward are truly eye-opening, especially if it’s a topic they’re passionate about.

Creativity is the key to achieving anything in your life. Be it starting a business, having a healthy relationship, work management, etc, it plays a vital role in helping you achieve your goals. Without innovation you cannot move forward in this era, you’ll be stuck where you are right now and where your great grandparents were centuries ago.

01 —
Be all ears

But where do you ignite this spark? Where does creativity come from? The answer is simple, you. You begin by being more welcoming and accepting through your behavior towards others. The other person shouldn’t feel ashamed in sharing their new ideas and thoughts with you. Its critical that your words build others up and not let them down.

02 —

Set aside time for brainstorming. Jotting down what’s in your head can really surprise you with what your mind has in store. Always keep your door open to new ideas. Sometimes the brief, momentary thoughts we have can be developed into extraordinary work, but they don’t have a chance if you don’t catch them by the tail and write them down.

03 —
Experience new things

Try small things to see where they lead. The more you experience and let loose, the more you’ll learn about being open and creative. Read more boos, go out more often, meet new people from different cultures, see the world through a surreal lens, see what it has to offer and ponder over it.

04 —
Teach creative skills

Help a person step out of their shell. Their imagination, discipline and self motivation always need to be strong. Put responsibility on their shoulders so that they are forced to facing their challenges and learning. Creative thinking does not need to be big to be better, it just needs to be authentic.

Emphasizing on the process rather than the product is essential. Mostly, when people come under pressure, they either perform their best or break, second being the most common. So putting someone’s mind to ease and comfort really helps. Surround yourself with inspiration and an open platform with confidence and no fear of rejection or failure.