When the word work pops into our mind the first thing we think of is an action that adds value to what we are doing, be it economically, environmentally, verbally, or even emotionally. The output generated by our contribution requires authenticity and being perceptive and mindful. So here is my question, how many of us actually enjoy the work they do?

In the 21st century many of us have centered our lives around our work, either it to achieve high levels of pay or aiming for careers as a source of satisfaction, it has taken over our thoughts sometimes even costing us our own lives. Nowadays, working hard is defined by the intensity of our efforts, sounds a bit dictatorial doesn’t it?

21st century

Some of us become so engrossed in our work that we end up losing the importance of other responsibilities. People spend hours on working to achieve a job or an acceptance from a university. They spend their entire life on their careers and goals making it their only source of satisfaction. Maybe this has become a norm in the 21st century, but it has certainly taken control of our lives.

Work Life Balance

Things like our health, family, spiritual development are as necessary as the work we do, this is the concept of a work life balance. There are other relationships that require our attention rather than work overpowering all other priorities. Personal growth is essential by giving ourselves a few hours of our day for a healthier state of mind rather than tiredness and stress making our aspirations difficult. Think about the time you were up all night working late on an assignment and how grumpy you were the next day. Then drowning yourself in coffee and spending the entire day extremely agitated. This is what happens when you overwork your mind. The need to polish our body is as imperative as polishing our brains.

Every human functions differently. Some cope with stress more easily than the others. This is why we should opt for a culture that matches our needs. By understanding the nature and demands of the career that we decide to pursue, it becomes easier to adjust our lives accordingly.

The ultimate achievement in life to me is happiness. Isn’t that what keeps us going? To be happy with the life we live, the people we are surrounded with, the work we do. You don’t want to spend your life doing something that doesn’t give you purpose. By actually enjoying our work we live a healthier lifestyle, something that challenges you and spars joy in you. If we feel as if we don’t belong and are just constantly working ones finger to the bone, our output will never be sublime.

Flexibility is the key

Employers with a more flexible work environment and schedule tend to perform better than those with less control over their time and space. A more relaxed and friendly environment helps keep people more comfortable and efficient with their performance.

Wrapping Up

Concluding my opinion, living to work only locks us up in our own bubble in which we create our little world and forget that it is not only unhealthy but also inhumane. On the other hand working to live is a part of everyone’s lives. It is essential to work in order to achieve a sense of identity and also maintain a balance between our mind and body by being productive in all aspects of life. Helping one another relax even by taking a stroll by the park can really open one’s mind and help them relax. And as my mentor says, we were not made for this world, it was made for us.